Breast augmentation naturally takes place during puberty for women, but as Mother Nature would have it, not everyone ends up with the body they desire. Furthermore, certain life events or health conditions, such as breast cancer, can alter the body and reduce a woman’s breast size. 

Cosmetic surgery makes it possible for women all around the world to have the curve they want to have. In this article, we discuss the cost of breast augmentation surgery and the fees that are included.


What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgery that consists of increasing the volume and projection of the breasts, while improving both their shape and tone, through the insertion of breast implants. Cosmetic surgery considers the overall harmony of the silhouette when changing the breast size.

Patients may consider undergoing breast augmentation surgery for different reasons: congenital breast hypoplasia, post-pregnancy atrophy, involutive breast atrophy, after breast cancer, tuberous breasts, natural breast asymmetry, etc.

Breast augmentation surgery is only performed in adult patients since they are more aware of their actions, and understand the realistic expectations, and possible complications that could occur. It is not advisable to undergo extreme breast size augmentation, as this can open the door to a multitude of complications, both physical and psychological.

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What affects the cost of a breast augmentation?

Here are different elements that influence the cost of a breast augmentation:

  • Experience of the plastic surgeon
  • Medical visits and inspections
  • Surgical facility fees
  • Paramedical personnel
  • Type of breast implant
  • Etc.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, the skills of the plastic surgeon must be considered. As in all professions, each surgeon has a different background and specific skills. In the case of cosmetic surgeons, this aspect is of great value. Each surgeon usually specializes in a particular type of surgery, and as it often happens, the cost of the service increases according to the reputation of the doctor who performs the operation.

If you want to undergo breast lift surgery, you should look for a specialist who can guarantee optimal results and not a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in another type of cosmetic correction. Certain cosmetic surgeons have been practicing long enough to specialize in different cosmetic surgery procedures, such as Dr. Richard Mouffarège

Before settling down on a plastic surgeon, request proof of their credentials for your safety. It is always possible to contact the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons to gain more information on the specialist that you are considering.

The type of breast implant will also significantly affect the cost of breast augmentation surgery. Whether you choose the cheapest or the best brands, the cost can vary between  700 $ and 1500 $. This is due to the materials (mostly saline and silicon) used in the construction of the breast implant. However, the surgeon should always be the one to advise the patient regarding the best prosthetic option to use.

Another element that influences the cost of surgery is the price of the numerous medical consultations before and after the breast augmentation surgery, which is generally directly proportional to the cost of the surgeon himself. Cosmetic surgeons who are specialized in performing breast augmentation tend to have a higher rate than those who do not specialize.

The place where the operation will take place is also a factor that influences the total cost of the surgical procedure. The most prestigious and renowned clinics, which often employ highly reputable surgeons in the industry, will be more expensive than the smaller clinics.

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What does the cost of a breast augmentation include?

Here is a more in-depth look into what the cost of a breast augmentation includes:

  • Medical consultation
  • Plastic surgeon fees
  • Surgical facility fees
  • Paramedic professional
  • Type of breast implant
  • Hospitalization

Medical consultation

To evaluate the feasibility of the surgical procedure, it will be necessary to schedule a consultation with a surgeon. During this consultation, the health professional will build a rapport with the patient and learn about the desired breast size as well as the motive of the cosmetic surgery. The surgeon will educate the patient about the implications of the surgery. 

The cost of breast augmentation includes the fees of this initial consultation as well as the fees of the various tests that have to be conducted to determine the patient’s health status (blood tests, electrocardiogram, etc.). The prescription for pain medication and the cost of post-operational consultations is also included in the price.

Plastic surgeon fees

A surgeon who specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery will be in charge of performing the intervention. The surgeon’s fee is proportional to his experience and reputation. This is why patients should do some research before selecting a plastic surgeon. By inquiring about their credentials, they will be able to justify the price of the surgery. 

Surgical facility fees

It is important that the patient feels cared for at all times while undergoing cosmetic surgery. The surgical procedure room must be designed solely for that function and possess all the required medical equipment of a standard hospital room, as well as specialized equipment depending on the cosmetic surgery. The surgical facility fees are included in the price of the surgery. 

Paramedic professional

More than one pair of hands need to be present to ensure the safety of the patient. Plastic surgeons are assisted by nurses and expert anesthetists to perform breast augmentation surgery. The cost of these health professionals is considered in the price of the breast surgery.

Type of breast implant

There are many types of breast implants on the market and they vary in shape, size, material, and quality. As you would expect, the type of implant used directly influences the cost. Likewise, all materials used for support dressings, sutures, bandages and corsets influence the price of breast augmentation surgery.


If the intervention is successful, the patient will not have to sleep in the hospital. However, if the surgeon suggests that the patient remain hospitalized for several days, the price of the breast augmentation surgery will go up considerably. This cost will include facility fees and costs related to extended medical assistance.

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How much does breast augmentation cost in Canada?

The average cost of a breast augmentation surgery in Canada varies between $ 8000 and $ 10,000.


Does insurance cover the cost of breast augmentation?

If the breast augmentation surgery is performed for aesthetic reasons, health insurance will not cover the expenses. However, if the surgery is to improve the person’s life, insurance may cover the cost of breast augmentation. As always with insurance coverage, certain conditions must be met depending on the insurance provider.

1. Congenital asymmetries

It is normal and natural for women to have a certain asymmetry between both breasts. However, if this asymmetry is considerable, people can suffer from back pain. Depending on the case, the patient can undergo a breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery. Most health insurances cover part of the costs of the surgery!

2. Malformations

Asymmetry is one type of malformation. However, there are more serious types of malformation such as amastia (lack of mammary gland), macromastia (imperfect breast development), or atelia (disappearance of the nipple). In all these cases, insurance can also cover part of the costs of the breast surgery.

3. Breast cancer

In the case of breast cancer, insurance will assume the costs of the surgery. Tumors are removed in surgery and the breast is reconstructed with a silicone implant. This surgical procedure is known as a mastectomy, which goes hand in hand with reconstructive surgery that helps the breast regain its natural appearance.

If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Richard Moufarrège’s clinic. His academic background speaks for itself, and his experience has led him to invent innovative techniques in breast augmentation surgery.

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