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Richard Moufarrège

Dr Moufarrege is Fellow of the Royal College of Surgery (Canada) and Assistant Professor of Plastic surgery in the University of Montreal. He is also Professor in the French College of plastic Surgery, since he trained a large number of French plastic surgeons.

He started his practice in the Hotel-Dieu University hospital in Montreal and continued with the CHUM (Montreal University Hospital Center) When three University Hospitals merged together.

He is a member of many national, foreign and international plastic surgery societies

He studied Fine arts in UQAM University and instituted a Drawing course on nude model for Montreal University Program of Plastic Surgery trainees

He participated in various research works, among which the identification and elaboration of a new free composed flap- scapular flap- for mandible reconstruction, and many other researches concerning fibrous capsules and breast surgery. He has been guest speaker in an important number of plastic surgery conventions all around the world and has presented works in four different languages.

He wrote nine textbook chapters, mainly on breast and abdomen, and he is putting a final hand on a new textbook entitled “The Moufarrege Total Posterior Pedicle or the Universal Mammaplasty” .

Dr Moufarrege is the father of all posterior pedicles in mammaplasties, creator of the total Posterior Pedicle Mammaplasty, The Horseshoe Abdominoplasty, the Golden Ratios of the Breast, the Hammoc Capsulorraphy.

He is an inventor of a Mechanized Intradermal Suturing device (us patent), and inventor of many construction and leisure devices

Dr Moufarrege has a diversified number of hobbies, including painting, sculpturing, architecture, Archeology and mythology, construction, heavy machinery operating, classical singing and choir and orchestra production, skeet shooting, hunting and fly fishing, oenology, aircraft piloting, etc.

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Dr Moufarrège career

Professionnals titles
  • Plastic surgeon
  • Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Université de Montréal
  • Professor at the French College of Plastic Surgery
  • Father of the Posterior Pedicule
  • MGV Vice President
  • Creator of the Total Posterior Pedicle Mammaplasty
  • Creator of the Horseshoe abdominoplasty
  • Creator of the Golden Ratios of the Breast
  • Creator of the Hammock Capsulorraphy
  • Inventor of an intradermal mechanical suturing instrument (US patent)
  • Inventor of several construction and leisure devices
  • Reviewer in many plastic surgery magazines.

An artist above all

Dr Moufarrege is a passionate and an accomplished humanist. He spends his extramedical time in painting, sculpturing, constructing, architecture, classical song, inventions (he holds many patents), piloting, etc. He is vice president of MGV coop High speed monorail), lecturer and reviewer for different medical magazines.

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