Esthetic Surgery : Breast Lifting


Mammoplasty by the total pedicle of Moufarrège is the only mammoplasty that allows the conservation of the erogenous sensation of the mammal as that of the capacity to breastfeed after the surgery.

Breast Lifting

What makes this rejuvenating plastic surgery different from breast reduction is the absence of any resection of breast tissue to reduce its volume. Once this detail is understood and put aside, everything else that we have said about the MOUFARREGE reduction is applicable to the MOUFARREGE Breast Lifting Technique: the nipple complex remains entirely joined to the mammary gland without any reduction of the “bridges” which keep the gland and the nipple in perfect cohesiveness. However, as in breast reduction, the nipple is moved to a higher position so as to regain its youthful look and the excess skin is cut off to allow for a more harmonious lifting of the breasts. Once more, the shape is that much more natural looking and attractive because it is entirely free from its subjacent restraints. The nipple keeps its erogenous sensitiveness, its erectility and its breast feeding functions. The scars will take the appearance of a breast reduction scar such as illustrated in the diagram (mild ptosis, medium ptosis, severe ptosis).