Effects of aging

Aging is inevitable and its manifestations can be particularly noticeable on the skin of the face, which is often exposed to environmental elements. Sagging skin, the development of the jowls and the loss of definition of the neckline are all characteristics that can intensify over time.

Lifestyle choices and body changes, such as smoking, weight loss, and sun damage can also make facial skin appear older. People who want their skin to look younger and healthier may want to consider a face lift.

Facial rejuvenation gives patients more control over their appearance. A face-lifting surgery, also called “facelift” or “rhytidectomy“, is an anti-aging cosmetic surgery that can reverse or improve many age-related changes on the face and neck. . During the procedure, the skin, facial muscles and underlying tissues are tightened, trimmed and reshaped to give a more youthful appearance.

What is a face lift?

Facelifting involves lifting and firming sagging tissues, in order to create a more naturally youthful appearance. By removing excess and sagging skin, smoothing out folds, lifting and firming deep facial tissue, a facelift can help a patient look not only younger, but simply “better.”

Why do a facelift?

With age, the skin begins to lose elasticity and facial tissues lose volume. This eventually causes “jowls” on the lower face, as well as deep wrinkles and sagging skin on the neck. While this is a natural part of aging, patients who are embarrassed by these signs may find that a facial lift is a good solution.

If you relate to any of the following, a facelift is an option to consider:

  • You are embarrassed by the appearance of your face and neck due to sagging skin;
  • You wear turtlenecks and scarves, not because you want to but because you prefer to hide your aging neck;
  • When you see your reflection, you feel like your face is making you look a lot older than you think;
  • You feel that an aging appearance is negatively affecting your career or your personal relationships;


After a facial lift, patients often have more self-confidence because their appearance better reflects their energy and health.


Who is a good candidate for a facial lift?

Healthy men and women who want to reduce sagging skin and other signs of aging on the face are often ideal candidates for surgical facial rejuvenation.

Good skin elasticity is also important, as the tight skin of the face should be able to stretch easily, both for patient comfort and a realistic result. It is also best to be a non-smoker or to intend to quit smoking, as smoking can affect the healing process and increase the risks of the surgery.

Poor health can create unnecessary risks while the patient is under anesthesia. Many health issues can affect healing, outcome, and safety, making patients ineligible for surgery.

Patients who wish to discuss their candidacy for a face lift or face lift should meet our team to find out more.


How to choose the right surgeon?

A face lift is a complex procedure that requires extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, very specific skills in surgical techniques and a keen eye for aesthetic detail. It is therefore important to find all the necessary information before choosing a surgeon specializing in face lift.

Ask about their experience

When consulting with potential cosmetic surgeons, learn about their specific training and experience in cosmetic facial surgery. Also find out how many facelifts each has performed and look at plenty of photos before and after the consultation, which will help you get an idea of ​​the surgeon’s aesthetic style.

Men who are considering a facelift should make sure that their cosmetic surgeon has experience performing cosmetic surgery on males; the anatomy of the male face is unique compared to that of a female and requires good knowledge.

What are the different types of facelift?

The facelift surgery is personalized according to the needs of the patient, with the cosmetic surgeon adapting his techniques accordingly. Depending on the wishes of the patient and the advice of the professional, one can choose between two types of intervention: the light facelift and the standard facelift.


Light facelift

Patients who present a slight degree of jowls and sagging skin are often good candidates for a mini-facelift. This is a less invasive technique that allows the surgeon to tighten the deep tissues of the face through shorter incisions.


Standard facelift

A “standard” or “traditional” facelift will  treat more adequately moderate to advanced aging, around the middle of the face and neck. Although the procedure is more demanding than that of a mini-facelift and therefore requires a longer recovery time, the results are more spectacular.

mouth - Le facelift
smile ba - Le facelift

Healing process


What is the recovery time after a facelift?

Facial lift is a complex procedure that requires exceptional surgical skills. However, the healing process is surprisingly quick for most patients. Patients are typically able to return to normal daily activities after about two weeks following a classic facelift, and these times are normally shorter after a mini-facelift. Intense physical exercises however should wait about four weeks.

Each patient heals a little differently. Your cosmetic surgeon will give you detailed instructions for monitoring and resuming activities.


What are the side effects on the face after a facelift?

Bruising and swelling are normal after a facelift, and will be at their peak about two days after the operation. These will gradually subside and should be difficult to notice after 10 to 14 days. Despite this, many patients feel comfortable going out in public about a week after their procedure.

When resuming your habits after a facelift, it is especially important to protect your face from the sun. You will be vulnerable to sunburn for several weeks after the operation, and staying in the shade will help the scars to heal as discreetly as possible.

How will the results of the facelift look in the long term?

When performed by an experienced and certified cosmetic surgeon, a skin lift is designed to achieve results that not only look natural now, but also age naturally.

There are a few things you can do to make the results look great. It is important to maintain a healthy and stable weight, as large fluctuations can cause the skin to stretch again. You should also adopt a consistent and quality skin care regimen, in order to keep your skin healthy and protect it from unnecessary aging.

The best way to decide if a face lift is right for you is to see a board certified cosmetic surgeon.


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