When Art assists surgery.

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Surgeries most frequently performed by Dr Moufarrege

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lifting

Breast Reduction






“As soon as the first consultation you can realize his human and reassuring behaviour. Through the surgeon, you will discover honesty and big integrity. He will will take his time to explain what can be realized and what are not reasonable expectations. Now that my surgery is done, I can assure you that in this experienced surgeon leaves an artist with an impressive talent.”


The clinic you adopt, a very important choice

From the first moment you are chosen by Dr Moufarrège’s clinic, the team will facilitate everything for you in order to make your surgical experience pleasant. At any moment, you will have the chance to call and have information about any subject concerning your surgery. The Doctor will be available and reachable at any time in case you have any hesitation or any concern about your past or future surgery.

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