The importance of choosing your clinic

We care about your well-being!

“At the surgery clinic, the charming and Dr. Moufarrège’s professional team is available to reassure us and make us comfortable, which is very appreciated.”

– Sophie




Much more than a clinic!

It is legitimate in a surgical clinic to consider patient security as top interest among the treating team, so it is obvious that security should be our first concern and all means must be used to assure patients security. This implies among all the prevention and fight against infections, the selection of candidate patients in an ambulatory facility, the choice of the best therapeutic indication, the execution of the surgery in the best and the most appropriated circumstances and finally, the short and long term post-operative follow-up.

What distincts the most the Clinique Richard Moufarrege is the personalization of the relationship between the team and the patient and his family. The structure of the clinic based on one surgeon practice makes it possible a tight relation between them. Everything is based on the recognition of the patient as a person in all the meaning of the term, rather than as a number which constitutes the omnipresent risk in big hospitals and high flow clinics. This tight interrelationship starts at the first contact and remains very late in the post-operative period and in the future.

One of the particularities in our practice is the possibility for the patient to join the surgeon on his cellphone at any time even months after surgery and even when the surgeon is off or out of town. This easy direct communication between the patient and the surgeon, far from constituting a source of bothering or fatigue, would contribute to give the patient pertinent security for a better recovery as, in the same time, peace of mind and assurance of a well-done work so important to the treating team.

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