Plastic surgery has become very common these days, especially for women who want to look younger or change their appearance. Plastic surgery is now considered a permanent part of our lives and many people undergo various types of cosmetic procedures every year. The procedure can range from simple facelifts to full-body modifications. In this article, we focus on mommy makeovers. We explain what the different types of mommy makeovers and their benefits. 


What is a mommy makeover plastic surgery?

A mommy makeover is essentially a combination of cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery designed to address issues such as sagging breasts, excess skin, asymmetry, drooping eyelids, scarring, stretch marks, and uneven facial features.

A mommy makeover doesn’t necessarily involve a tummy tuck, although some moms do choose to undergo one. Some women also opt for liposuction, cheek implants, and/or nose reshaping. The most common procedure performed on mothers is a breast lift. In fact, nearly 80 % of women who have had a breast lift have opted to go under the knife again within five years. Other popular surgeries include rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), blepharoplasty (eyelid lifting), liposuction, and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).


Different types of mommy makeover

A mommy makeover is a popular procedure that can be defined as any cosmetic surgery procedure performed on women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. There are three different types of mommy makeover procedures: tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction.

Each type has advantages and disadvantages associated with them. Below is a list of some of the most common procedures that women choose to get:


What are the benefits of a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover can be a very effective way to improve your appearance after having children. It’s a great option if you’re looking to enhance your self-image or just want to look better and feel more confident about yourself.

1. Multiple surgeries at once

A mommy makeover usually involves multiple surgeries, including a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast lift. This minimizes the hassles associated with scheduling, recovery, and billing. In addition, it helps you avoid having to pay out of pocket for each procedure separately.

2. More dramatic results

A mommy makeover gives you one chance to look great. This procedure involves a single surgeon performing multiple procedures simultaneously. Your skin and facial features are tightened, lifted, and sculpted into a slimmer, smoother shape. Plus, the results are long-lasting. After six months, 80% of patients report that they feel better about themselves and their bodies.

3. Find clothes that fit better

After your mommy makeover, you’ll find clothes suddenly fit better; your skin feels tighter, your belly looks slimmer, and your boobs feel younger again. There’s no longer any need to hunt for pants larger in the waist and smaller in the thigh, or shirts that fit snugly around your chest and loosely around your stomach. You may even start buying from new stores and for smaller sizes!

Overall, the main benefit of a mommy makeover is the fact that it renews your confidence. Many women face body issues and simply do not feel themselves after giving birth, which makes it difficult for them to feel comfortable in their own skin again. A mommy makeover can restore this feeling of confidence that new mothers need to thrive by allowing them to reach their aesthetic goals.


Who are good candidates for a mommy makeover?

If you are considering having a mommy makeover, there are a few prerequisites that you will need to meet first.

Below are all the factors that make up an ideal candidate for a mommy makeover:

  • You are in good physical condition
  • You are in good health and live a healthy lifestyle
  • Your BMI is about average for your height and weight
  • You consider yourself to be in good shape
  • You are not going to have any more children
  • You have realistic expectations for the procedure

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How often is a mommy makeover performed?

Usually, a mommy makeover is performed only once and surgeons recommend waiting until you have had your last child to have the procedures done. However, life happens, and sometimes, your last planned child is not necessarily your last child. 

Although it is recommended that each person only gets one mommy makeover in their lifetime, if you would like a second for whatever reason, it may be possible, but it’s something that should be discussed with your plastic surgeon to weigh the risks.  


How to prepare for a mommy makeover

If you are a mommy makeover candidate, and you want to ensure you get the most out of the surgery, you should take the following steps to prepare for your mommy makeover:

  • Undergo a medical evaluation
  • You might be asked to take medications in preparation 
  • Stop smoking
  • Pack a hospital bag with snacks, medication, etc.
  • Block out recovery time


What can I expect from a mommy makeover?

While it is true that a mommy makeover is an elective surgery typically performed on women who are already mothers, there are many reasons why women choose to undergo the procedure. Some of those include weight loss to allow them to reach their ideal body weight, breast enhancement, restoring youthful skin,  and improving self-confidence.

Other reasons include a change in body shape such as increasing breast volume, due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging or simply wanting to look better. Whatever the reason, it is important that patients understand what they can expect from the surgery. This includes discussing realistic expectations and understanding the risks involved.

The most common potential risk associated with a mommy makeover involves complications related to anesthesia. However, it is possible for other things to go wrong. For example, some women experience bleeding during the procedure, while others report feeling numbness or pain in the area being operated on. In rare cases, infections or even death can occur.

In addition to the risk of complications mentioned above, it is important to note that the amount of work required to perform the procedure varies based on the individual needs of each patient. While some procedures require little to no downtime, others involve significant recovery times. As such, it is important that potential patients understand what to expect from the surgery and how long it takes to recover. 


What to expect after a mommy makeover

Following your procedure, you will likely experience several days of discomfort and swelling and will undergo a period known as the healing process which will allow for wound healing to take place. These symptoms usually subside over the course of a few days and are typically accompanied by bruising and soreness around the incision site.

If you are having trouble sleeping, take pain medication prescribed by your surgeon. Specialized compression garments may be used to support your new shape and reduce swelling. Your doctor will give you instructions about how to wear these garments while you recover.

Most women are able to resume normal activities within 2 weeks after the procedure. However, you should avoid strenuous activity, including sexual intercourse, for up to 6 weeks after your procedure. During this period, you may experience some tenderness in the breasts.

After your procedure, your physician will prescribe medications to control bleeding and inflammation. Some women have reported experiencing irregular menstrual cycles for 3 months after surgery. In rare cases, complications related to anesthesia can occur.


How long does it take to recover from a mommy makeover?

The recovery period following a mommy makeover depends on the specific procedures performed, and whether they can be completed in the same surgical session. It is important to remember that each individual patient is different. Most cosmetic surgeons recommend a three-week recovery period for most procedures, although it can vary depending on the type of surgery.

For most patients, the single recovery process begins immediately following the surgery itself and lasts anywhere from seven days to several months. During this time, you will likely experience moderate to severe soreness, swelling, bruising, and/or tenderness around the incision sites. You may also feel tired and drained, especially during the first few days after surgery.

Your doctor will provide you with instructions regarding postoperative care, including how long you must avoid strenuous activity. Once you have discussed with your plastic surgeon which procedures you would prefer to undergo, you will be provided a better understanding of what to expect following your mommy makeover.


How long does it take to see the results of a mommy makeover?

The length of time you see results varies depending on what procedure(s) you undergo. A tummy tuck takes longer because it requires extensive tissue removal. Breast implants take about six weeks to heal, while a breast lift typically takes four to eight weeks to fully recover.

After a breast reduction, you may notice changes within a few days or up to several weeks. Rhinoplasty usually takes about six weeks to show results, although the nose may continue to change over time. Liposuction can take anywhere from a few hours after surgery to a month or longer to see results.


How painful is a mommy makeover?

How painful a mommy makeover is will depend on the exact surgery you get, but overall, the pain is not too bad. Of course, as with any medical procedure, you are going to feel some discomfort and pain following the surgery, but it is not unbearable. Pain associated with a mommy makeover can be easily controlled by pre-procedural pain reliever medication, which will make it easier to achieve a proper recovery through proper healing.


How much is a mommy makeover in Canada?

The cost for mommy makeovers in Canada varies from around $12,000 to $27,000 depending on the procedure performed and other factors. Most patients pay less than what they would have paid if they had the procedures done separately. It is therefore good value for money if you are considering having multiple surgeries. 


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Whether you are looking to achieve the appearance of more toned abdominal muscles following the birth of a newborn baby, if you want breast surgery to give your boobs a lift after breastfeeding, or if you want your loose skin to disappear completely after having children, a combination procedure like a mommy makeover is perfect for you. 

Dr. Moufarrège offers all of the surgical procedures that you might be looking to get following pregnancy and birth. After an initial consultation, Dr. Moufarrège will come up with a personalized surgical plan that will encompass all the plastic surgery procedures that you might be desiring. 

The cosmetic procedures that we perform include:

We understand that mommy makeover patients simply want to get themselves back to looking like they did before they had babies. Whether that looks like returning to a stable weight or undergoing a body contouring procedure that gets you feeling like yourself again, it is our aim to restore your confidence. 

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